Healthy as a fish, follow our products and check why they are healthy...

They are a valuable source of vitamins, minerals, protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Herring, because that is what we are talking about, can have a positive effect on our body - we decided to check why it is worth eating them.

HerringsCalories and fish

Herring belongs to the group of oily marine fish, however, about 70% of this fat is good unsaturated fatty acids. Calories vary depending on the form in which we consume the fish. And so - 100 g of fresh herring is about 160 kcal, salted herring has a little more, i.e. about 200 kcal (due to lower water content), while herring in oil is the most caloric, because in 100 g it contains about 300 kcal.

Omega-3 fatty acids strengthen the body's immunity, lower cholesterol, regulate blood pressure. So it is worth reaching for herring on a regular basis.

HerringsVitamins and fish

Another reason why it is really worth including herring in the menu is valuable vitamins and trace elements. By eating herring, we provide phosphorus, iodine, copper, zinc, good quality protein and large amounts of vitamin B6 (100 g of fish covers 20% of the daily requirement of vitamin B6) and B12 (100 g of fish exceeds the daily requirement for vitamin B12 4 times). In addition, these sea fish contain vitamin A and vitamin E (anti-atherosclerotic effect) and vitamin D3 - the deficiency of which most of us suffer from.

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